We design and manage educational tours that are uniquely tailored for each school.
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Who are Edventures

forty2 Edventures is a group travel company focussed on academic, sports, and leadership tours for schools and sports clubs. We take on all of the administration and logistics of your tour while allowing the coordinator to retain full control of the outcome.

How are we different

forty2 Edventures’ unique approach focuses on developing a holistic, customised travel strategy so that students, teachers and parents get the most out of each ‘Edventure’. Our qualified and knowledgeable operators ensure each travel program meets educational and developmental objectives and more.

Unlike traditional tour operators, forty2 Edventures is run by experienced educators. As teachers, we understand the intricacies of school travel and as tour operators we can ensure every travel program is carried out safely, efficiently and effectively.

What we do

We organise every aspect of your school's overseas tour, in partnership with your coordinating teachers. We are part of a global network of tour management companies so guarantee an amazing experience at the best price.

All tours are managed by forty2 Edventures staff, and we provide a tour readiness program for all travellers. We even make sure that students don't get behind on other subjects when overseas by linking all curriculum requirements to your journey.